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Together we'll look at your dating history and habits.  We'll focus on your daily activity and goals.  Are you Ready?

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Create the Relationship you Want

Balanced Relationships

Life is about relationships and we want those relationships to be Happy, Healthy, and Harmonious.

There is no road map on how to create these relationships.  We learn about relationships from our primary care-givers and the models that we see can be healthy or unhealthy.

Our personal and intimate relationships must show vulnerability, trust, and openness.  If these traits are betrayed we then create a shell protects us from pain and prevents us from joy.

Can I share a secret with you?  A healthy relationship can be learned and a unhealthy relationship can be changed. 

Your Rights

  • To Live Life to the Fullest
  • To Be Happy
  • To Be Loved and Love Unconditionally
  • To Set your Own Priorities
  • To say Yes or No Without Permission
  • To Change your Mind