Your Dating Coach for Career Women!

I am here to to help Career Women Find True Love!

Are you a boss?

But your relationship is on life support or maybe it has flat lined.   Putting in 12-14 hour days everyday?  Don't have time to find love?  A significant other would not understand your career.  Are the stories you're telling yourself?

Experience has taught me that these excuses could be code for : Fear, Lack of Confidence,  Control.  Let me know show you how to manage having a career and having the love you deserve. 


Strong Sistas Soaring

Strong Sista Soaring offers women in business a reliable, high-quality resource for relationship coaching and professional management development on national level.  

It's mission is to help clients develop the strategy, motivation and accountability required to succeed in love relationships.

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A Philosophy for the Future

This  team is committed to having you do the things you've never  done so you can get the results you never had and create the relationships you only dreamed of... 

Workshops and Keynotes

As a motivational speaker and innovator, I will bring excitement, and motivation to your next event. Contact me for your next workshop or presentation. 

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Kimberly McGowan